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“Adaptive Reuse Marketing Strategy at The Felt Factory. ”

In Northeast Philadelphia lies a 45,000 square foot former factory transformed in the perfect industrial-chic venue for weddings, special events, and corporate events.

Carved from the walls and halls of the old Philadelphia Felt Mill, this 30-year-old Philadelphia event venue, formerly named Romano’s Catering, found itself in need of a rebrand to reach its full potential. 

Enter Hurray Brands.

We encouraged the venue to embrace its industrial roots and rebrand it to what is now known as “The Felt Factory.” 

The Felt Factory features three beautiful banquet and event spaces that are ideal for any type of event and dishes up cuisine that was the unanimous winner for food on TLC's Four Weddings.unanimous winner for food on TLC's Four Weddings.

Highlighting what makes The Felt Factory unique and creating a unified message for employees and clients has enabled The Felt Factory to increase not only inquiries but also revenue. 

The goal was to guide the ownership through renovations which would connect the venue to the modern event planner, create a sense of community and develop industry partnerships that infused his building with style.

To start the process, Hurray Brands redesigned all the marketing collateral to connect with the new and improved image.

This included updating the website to connect with modern couples and corporate planners. Hurray Brands also created a new and stylish logo that visually portrays the updated vibe.

Hurray Brands continues to regularly provide hands-on leadership to the sales and marketing team through outsourced CMO services and developing and implementing an ongoing content strategy that engages with its audience.

"As a client of Hurray Brands, we have witnessed their hard work, dedication and creative forces at work, day in and day out.  Hurray Brands has taken our little felt factory and transformed it into one of Northeast Philadelphia’s most popular and unique event venues.  This branding company is the best in the business when it comes to hospitality marketing and overall business growth.  Hurray Brands has breathed new life and purpose into a felt mill that has been a staple in the Frankford community since 1848.  Today, the Felt Factory is thriving and expanding thanks to the incredible team at Hurray Brands.  #SomethingYouCanFeel

-Caitlin O'Connell, Marketing & Sales Manager of The Felt Factory. 

If your venue or hospitality business needs and extra boost, contact us. We would love to implement our coveted Hurray Formula to turn your brand into a household name with loyal fans.

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