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Innovative Shopping Center Event Marketing for Peddler’s Village

Photo credit: Visit Philadelphia 

Peddler’s Village is a 42-acre outdoor shopping mall in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that features over 60 shops and boutiques, full dining and quick-service restaurants, The Golden Plough Inn, a boutique hotel.

It is open year-round and hosts family-friendly festivals and events for up to 30,000 guests per event.

When Hurray Brands entered the scene at the recommendation of Mike Bowman of the Valley Forge Tourism Board, Peddler’s Village was experiencing a time of transition. Their long term Director of Marketing, Eve Gelman, retired and a new General Manager, Bob McGowan took the helm.

The areas of improvement were clear. At the time, Peddler's Village had a large Facebook following but Instagram was light. While they have a solid following on Facebook, engagement was just not there despite the fact that they were consistently paying for advertisements.

Hurray Brands knew a positive change would happen when Peddlers Village started telling their full story.

We created “A Village of” content strategy which lives as a series on YouTube and throughout their digital marketing content to engage viewers and create a deeper sense of community.

Each week, Hurray Brands met with the Peddler’s Village sales and marketing team to drive new event sales and packaged up a collection of their storefronts into a Village of Team Building activities.

Then Hurray Brands produce a meeting planned in conjunction with Jim Cohn and Mid-Atlantic Events and documented it in a video that truly brought the story to life and in front of new potential visitors.

While Peddler’s Village searched for full-time staff, Hurray Brands was there to support them in their sales and marketing efforts and we continue to support them with on-demand marketing support.

Eventually, Peddler’s Village found their new Director of Marketing is, Christine Hensel Triantos. A testimonial from her is below.

“With its strategic mindset, creative capabilities, and highly responsive services, Hurray Brands has been a valued part of the marketing initiatives of Peddler’s Village. Gary and his team consistently bring to the table a turnkey event sales and marketing formula and introduce digital marketing opportunities that deliver consistent sales results. As extensions of our in-house team, Hurray Brands has provided on-demand support when we need it the most.”

Hurray Brands partners with hospitality industry businesses to create sparks which ultimately leads to increased revenue for their businesses. Our goal is to make your brand a household name with passionate and loyal fans. Contact us today to chat further about how we can grow your hospitality business.

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