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As reported in BizBash: 8 Ways the Event Industry Is Celebrating Black History Month

Press Release and project concept by Hurray Brands:

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA, February 4,2021 — In honor of Black History Month, Cheers In A Box, today has launched a new initiative designed to connect small black owned businesses with major corporations. The all-in-one virtual event and gifting company now offers a custom curated corporate gift box that includes amazing new black owned products such as Gwell's Gluten Free Pineapple and Coconut Raw Bites, I+I Botanicals' Bath Tea Blends, Copothecary's Organic Body Balm, Camelia's Kitchen's Mango Chutney, and Le Noire's Sugar Moisturizing Exfoliant Scrub. These and other products from back owned businesses can now also be added a la carte to all of Cheers In A Box's existing gift box offerings. "There are currently 2.6 million black-owned businesses in America, and 8 out of 10 fail within their first 18 months due to the lack of resources and funds," said Jessica Shea, Founder of Cheers In A Box, "Particularly at this historic moment in time, it is important that all of us small businesses work together to innovate and use the power of community to drive new revenue streams." Cheers In A Box is proud to celebrate Black History Month through its ongoing commitment to build vibrant communities, partner with diverse organizations and promote Team Member inclusion.

About Cheers In A Box

Cheers in a Box is your all-in-one virtual event and corporate gifting solution. We bring the fun, the thoughtfulness, and the tangible aspect of a live event together in an all-in-one gifting solution for businesses. Custom boxes are curated with on-trend and quality products that tie perfectly into a seamlessly produced virtual event. We are a business that emerged from the COVID-19 Pandemic when in-person events were cancelled, and our Founder understood early on how important connection would be in this new virtual world. Supporting other small business is also large part of our mission. Most of the items in each box are sourced from brands around the US. Many are either female-owned or black-owned businesses, and everything is guaranteed to make your recipients smile.

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