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A decade in, Trummer’s ditches fancy for casual in Clifton

The owners of the upscale Trummer’s on Main in Clifton used their 10th anniversary as a chance to reflect and reset. “It’s always good to stay up-to-date,” says Stefan Trummer, who noticed that Washington’s dynamic restaurant scene had lured away some of his customers. “We wanted the kind of restaurant where we could go with the kids on a day off,” says Victoria Trummer, his wife and business partner.

But first, the owners assured concerned regulars that the change wouldn’t affect the quality of the three-level restaurant. “It’s not going to be Applebee’s,” Victoria let them know. The couple closed the establishment for a month in August to refresh the interior, rewrote the menu to be more casual and shortened the name of their restaurant. When the place reopened, Trummer’s welcomed guests back with a brighter main dining room and family-friendly schnitzel and roast chicken on the list. Unseen but significant was a new toy for chef Jon Cropf, a rotisserie in the kitchen.

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